Stand Up

why go in one direction if you can go in five directions?cit. #LoveIsEqual ps: sorry for you @NiallOfficial is my boyfriend. I'm on twitter @fatasscrew


All I’m seeing here is what they’ll be like when they’re changing their baby’s diaper


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“Doesn’t he look like baby Tarzan?”

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Things Harry and Louis probably shouldn't have repeated if they didn't like the fandom's initial interpretation →


fucking queen’s surf shirt twice the second time for a full day of videotaped promo okay


fucking wedding wristband for days and days


fucking blue bandana twice don’t try to tell me that he didn’t see the posts going around after the first time



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That was pretty much it. It just kinda happened

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Harry & Liam singing SOML - Dallas 8/24

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Louis was not impressed by Niall’s story

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